All of our products are manufactured locally under good conditions, following a ban on child labor, forced labor, discrimination and in compliance with environmental legislation. We work in collaboration with local seamstresses in order to produce all of our collections.  
Our products are made by either upcycling old garments, such as jeans, scarves or shirts or by using deadstock materials. We also do not use any animal product, be it fur, animal skins or leather. Most of our products are made to order, this way by producing minimum stocks, we are reducing the waist and over-production. 
We avoid using plastic items in the daily operation of the brand. We also don’t ship or package any items in plastic bags or mailers. The gift box you will receive with your order is designed for you to have and re-use for a long period of time. The only plastic item in our package is our security tag, but that is the only way we can ensure our products for returns.  
We encourage a sustainable living by offering a Repair Service, which will help you extend the life of your RÉCUPÉRER clothes. If any accidents occur such as bleach marks, rips and cuts with one of our products, we will analyze the problem and fix it for you.  
We hope you enjoy our products as long as possible by carrying for them, washing them less and at lower temperatures and ironing them less. If you no longer wear them, we encourage you to recycle them, by gifting, exchanging or reselling through re-sale platforms.